Our Service

We offer a broad range of services in areas of HR that include HR services, Executive Staffing and Corporate Training.


HR Services

Policymaking - Manual, Travel, Medical & Governing rules in line with Standing Order

Structuring the Organization.

Job Profile, Description, Requirements.

Recruitment (Employer need - >Apt < - Candidates dreams).

Compensation Package -Designing.

Training & Development.

Employee Background and Reference Checks.

Conducting interviews to screen and short list the candidates


Pay Roll Process

We Process Payroll for the Organizations through High Tech.

Preparation of Salary.

Pay Disbursement Statements

Pay Disbursement Bank Statements

Pay Slip Preparations.

EPF Payment Details Extract.

ESI Contribution Details Extract.

Profession Tax and TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) Statements

We are Apt, Accurate and Prompt . We provide all HR Related MIS.



Enhancing Employability

Soft Skill Development

Communication Development

Time Management

Effective Leadership

Team Development


Shop Floor Development

Productivity Improvement

Our Trainers are Well Equipped, Knowledgeable and Gained Lot of Experience to Conduct both In - House and External Programs. for your In - House Training needs Contact Us.

For more details on staffing packages and pricing structures, please contact apthrs2006@hotmail.com, info@apthrsolutions.com